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2018 Tapia Conference

Write Your First Ethereum Smart Contract in Solidity

Thursday, September 20, 2018 — 11:00AM-12:30PM

A smart contract is a program that facilitates, verifies, or enforces a set of conditions between parties and is executed on the blockchain.DApps are blockchain-enabled websites that consist of a frontend and a smart contract that operate on a blockchain. Similar to how a website has Javascript and HTML in the frontend, so does a DApp, but instead of an API to talk to a database, it has a smart contract that reads from and writes to the blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that use cryptography to secure the spending and receiving of funds. A blockchain is a digital ledger in which these transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly. A smart contract can be coded on top of various blockchains. We will use the Ethereum blockchain for this workshop. Ethereum gained wild popularity when it came out a few years ago because it did what bitcoin did not–it provided a Turing-complete programming language and straightforward platform for developers to build on top of. Come learn how to harness the full power of blockchain by building your first smart contract! In this session, we will write a Solidity smart contract in which users can groom, send, and receive CryptoKats, a knock-off of the wildly popular Cryptokittkes. Since the workshop is only one hour, you will be given instructions for integrating it with a frontend application to have a full-blown DApp post-workshop.

Participants should have intermediate web skills and object-oriented design thinking. No knowledge of blockchain or Dapps necessary. We will code in Solidity, a statically-typed contract-oriented programming language for Ethereum that resembles Javascript and Python. Participant laptops must run Remix, a Solidity IDE, on a web browser such as Chrome.

Amy Yin, Coinbase Commerce
Jane Chung, Coinbase Consumer