SAVE THE DATE Tapia 2018 Orlando, FL September 19-22, 2018

2017 Tapia Conference

Empower The Campus By Bringing Your “XX” Factor Out

Thursday, September 21, 2017 — 4:00PM - 5:00PM

The aim of the session is to inspire the exceptional students present, who are looking to enhance their own set of skills (be it technical, management or leadership) OR just want to discover and venture into a new direction. We want to lay the groundwork for development of student communities that can evolve, support, sustain and grow - all by itself. The motto is ‘ Give back to the community by elevating your own skills’. In the first half, the agenda would be to appeal and provide guidance on how they can give back to the community. Being coders that we are, we understand best when we build things ourselves. Keeping this spirit in mind, in the second half, there will be a working session where tools and organizational packages, will be provided with focus on holding zero budget events on and around their campus. The aim of working session would be to help audience brainstorm, plan and come up with the first prototype of their own activity.

Some of the examples of such events would be - open source hackathon, Night coding contests in hostels, Blind coding contest, Competitive coding groups, Code-labs - Android, Progressive Web Apps, Design sprint, Discussion Sessions, Go beyond your college - bring business online, Train basic tech to elderly women - docs, drive, gmail, blog etc. Most of these ideas have proven instrumental in bringing out initiatives to create impactful communities over the globe. A website containing further information was created:

BOF Organizer:
Chhavi P. Gupta, Google